Inside a Woods Hole Houseboat

This summer, my friend Flannery is staying on a houseboat, so naturally, it’s been the hotspot hangout for our friends. Someone usually brings rosé or beer, and the brave ones jump off the roof into the water (myself not included). The inside is quaint and adorable, so I brought my camera out this weekend and snapped some photos.

house boat 2

Flannery loves living on a houseboat, and is even considering staying on it through the winter.

house boat 3

I can only imagine how peaceful it is to be gently rocked to sleep every night.

house boat 4

There’s no refrigerator, only a cooler outside, so she’s eating most of her meals on land.

house boat 5

house boat 6

The view outside her window isn’t too shabby…

house boat 7

Her neighbors are sweet, too.

house boat 8

houseboat 9

If you’re wondering where she goes to the bathroom, if she has wireless, and what she does during a storm, the answers are: on land, no, and rides it out, generally.

One thought on “Inside a Woods Hole Houseboat

  1. Just me a Bud. A bone. The Stars . A babe -I’m down

    Problem– crap -I can’t do the boat scene
    Oh by the way- did I mention that I’m 72 ?

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