Frozen Ocean.

Well. The bay is frozen, guys. People have apparently been WALKING ON IT ALL WEEKEND. I’ve been inside the past few days, but my girl Shannon was able to get out and snap some photos…




One thing that’s really cool — when the ocean was less frozen but still icy last week, the waves looked like they were in slow motion moving towards the shore.

This is what the ocean looked like earlier this morning, apparently. NUTS!

Photos by Shannon Hoy

6 thoughts on “Frozen Ocean.

  1. That is interesting. I’ve seen many frozen lakes and rivers and ponds, but never a frozen ocean. I would love to experience that!
    Ps:I was trying to enter a comment, but it vanished (?) so I rewrote. Please disregard the previous one if there is a duplicate. It wasn’t finished.

  2. How cold did it get? Does it normally freeze like that in winter? I know it sounds crazy, but if one has the right mind-set, the cold is awesome! You just have to dress for it… Kind of like you are going to the moon. 😉 Seriously, if you wear lots of layers being outside is fun. (Unless it’s -40 plus windchill – then I just want to hibernate).

    • it’s definitely really cold, but i completely agree, bundling up properly makes a HUGE difference. i look like a eskimo, but with shearling lined mittens my hands stay toasty and i last longer than my dog these days!!

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