On Being Sure

At some point in my early years, I came to the conclusion that adulthood would be the antithesis of childhood. That as an adult, feeding my small children in a pretty light blue smock and happily cleaning up their messes, I would not only know everything, but I would be sure of everything. I would… Read More

New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m completely stumped this year. Eat slower…?  Be better with thank you notes? Learn a new instrument? Save more money? Have a goal for 3 Chairs? I’ve always picked concrete, achievable resolutions for myself (last year was learn to drive, and I believe my resolution for my senior year of high school was “graduate high school.” —… Read More

Why I Write

When I was seven, I started my first journal — It was a tiny blue hardcover diary with a lock. I remember being constantly annoyed that it wasn’t bigger and that the itty pages filled up so quickly. Inside were my observations, “Going to Rachel’s and saw there was a big fire above Famiglia’s Pizza. All the windows… Read More

I Heart NY

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m thrilled to let Catherine take over the reigns today to talk about living in NYC. Growing up in New York, it’s always fascinating to hear about people’s first impressions of the city. I met Catherine working at Food52 (she runs the social media like a champ!) —… Read More