Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars

A month or so ago, Kevin took off on an epic camping adventure. I opted out (no running water, gah), so instead, I baked him something hearty and filling. While he prepared his gear, I tried my hand at granola bars. It couldn’t be too complicated, right? Well, the recipe was labor intensive and annoying, with steps that involved… Read More

Cacio e Pepe, Done Right.

The first time I made Cacio e Pepe, I ate it with such dumbfounded suspicion that the person across from me actually asked if everything was alright. “I’m fine,” I gasped. Cacio e Pepe is a pantry meal at its finest, a pasta dish so fundamentally simple, yet so elegant and unfussy and delicious, that it seems like a a… Read More

A Week With Mark Bittman’s New Cookbook + A Recipe

Mark Bittman’s recipes have always appealed to me. They’re practical, accessible, and super non-fussy. He doesn’t alienate you with his food talk, he pulls you in, asks you to join. He also reminds me so much of a fellow Upper West Sider that I hold a soft spot for him (if he has a car, I would… Read More

4 Recipes I’m Loving

Anyone cook anything amazing recently? I haven’t gotten around to really photographing or writing up any recipes this summer, but I’ve still cooked and baked some things that I have really loved, so I figured I’d share, with my notes: James Beard’s Strawberry Shortcake from Food52 This shortcake recipe includes two hardboiled egg yolks (say what?),… Read More