A Tip for Everyday Fights

Here’s something that I’ve learned with time: the key to being in a happy, healthy relationship is learning how to navigate life in all of its glorious shittiness as a team. One key player in the shitty factory? Everyday fights. You know the ones —  they pop up unannounced, like a chin zit, and threaten to ruin your whole day. In… Read More

A Great App

Two nights ago, I discovered the meditation app “Headspace.” I’ve toyed with meditation over the years — always feeling so grounded and refreshed after, but I’ve never stuck with it. The app, coined the “gym membership for the mind,” starts with ten sessions, each ten minutes, to do every day. I’ve done only two, but I’m already… Read More

The Coziest Day of All

It’s a drizzly, cold, foggy day here on the Cape, and the cozy level in my home right now is outta control. I am embracing it full-heartedly because it’s been a tiring week, and…yeah. That’s a good enough reason, right? You can find me at home, in my pjs. P.S. Tonight I’m excited to make this,… Read More

Do You Make Weekend Plans?

Now that it’s Friday, I thought I’d ask the question: do you plan your weekends? The “link roundup” — aka posting a list of cool links and sharing your weekend plans — is a steady trend on lifestyle blogs (guilty), and I’m always impressed by how productive and fun-filled everyone’s plans are. Shit, I often think, I… Read More