Fetch Eyewear

A few months ago, I met my friend for coffee, and as we chatted and caught up, I kept thinking that something was different (her hair? Her lipstick?) but I couldn’t quite place it. She looked so fresh and pretty, so I finally asked her if she had switched her skincare regime, and she pointed to her glasses.… Read More


This past weekend, I took a cheap vacation by handing Juniper over to a friend and putting my laptop away. It was so relaxing and refreshing and kind of shocking how far away I felt from my typical weekend routine. Here are some links for your sleepy Monday morning coffee break…(p.s. So sorry to anyone who has been trying… Read More

Spring Mornings

Now that it’s warm enough, my mornings with Juniper go as follows: Wake up, make coffee, feed the dog, then prop the door open to the veranda and start work at my desk. The true lion that she is, Juniper has always loved sunbathing and will go sprawl out on the deck while I start my day–… Read More

Our Guest

This week, Juniper and I have a guest visiting: 11 month old Bruno — the sweetest, goofiest ridgeback mix with the world’s floppiest ears. The two of them are having a BLAST together. They are such great company, and it’s a treat having an extra dog around, but I also kind of feel like I’m chaperoning… Read More

Best Monday Ever.

A little over two months ago, I discovered a lump on Juniper’s leg. Perfectly round, red, and swollen, I called up the vet and described it as resembling a strawberry. To make a long story short; for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on pins and needles thinking that my dog might have CANCER. The worst… Read More