3 Cute Swimsuits

A well fitting, comfortable swimsuit is crucial. The alternative? Feeling self-conscious and awkward at the beach. You end up fidgeting with your bottoms rather than relaxing, and it’s the worst. So, every summer, I treat myself to one new suit, and although I usually rely on trusty J.Crew (I’ve had great luck with their stuff),… Read More


Let’s talk about fashion fads! Generally speaking, I tend to ignore them. Birkenstocks, for example, are suddenly all over the place again, but I’ve never really liked the way they somehow make my feet look even wider — so I’ll probably pass on the birky train. Instead, I try to stick to what I’m instinctively drawn to, what feels… Read More

The Best Everyday Underwear

In high school and college, I bought Victorias Secret underwear. Once I graduated, I decided I needed fancier (read: pricier) lingerie, so I would buy Eberjey and Hanky Panky. They’re both amazing brands, but it’s hard to justify spending 36 dollars on a pair of panties. Especially ones that require hand washing. For real, who has… Read More

Trust Your Guts Ring

I was browsing Pinterest the other week when I stumbled on this ring. What I love most is that it says “guts” instead of “gut,” which does something subtle and great to the (often hackneyed) saying. It grounds it in reality, and I picture literal guts spilling out over the edges, filled with fries and day old bread.… Read More