Gorgeous Dresses

My friend believes in investing in one amazing dress every summer, and with my Florida trip coming up — I’m on board. Recently, I stumbled on this shop, and HOLY SMOKES look at these dresses!!!! They’re pushing my budget, that’s for sure, but I have a feeling I’ll end up in one all summer long. Which one would… Read More

Sucker for Polka Dots.

Years and years ago, I popped into a Forever21 and found a blue polka dot dress. It was perfect: hitting right above the knee, cinched at the waist, buttons down the front…totally one of those freak finds where I spotted it right away and just knew. I wore it to death — all through college… Read More

An Ode to Rainboot(ies)

This coming week is supposed to be rainy and thunderstormy, so today I whipped out my trusty Hunter booties. I was lucky enough to get them as a Christmas gift, and I think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Even though I like the way tall rain boots look, they’re a pain to pack and just kind… Read More

Fetch Eyewear

A few months ago, I met my friend for coffee, and as we chatted and caught up, I kept thinking that something was different (her hair? Her lipstick?) but I couldn’t quite place it. She looked so fresh and pretty, so I finally asked her if she had switched her skincare regime, and she pointed to her glasses.… Read More

Moorea Seal Picks

One of my favorite online stores, Moorea Seal, has been killin’ it recently with their collection. Each item feels so thoughtfully picked out, and they’re current and affordable. Here are 9 things I’m loving:   scarf/tote/clutch/card/ring/necklace/hat/hair mist/earrings BONUS: Moorea Seal is offering 10% off 3 Chairs readers! Use code: FRIENDS2015.