Dutch Baby

A Sunday morning that involves pancakes with warm maple syrup is a beautiful thing. What’s not? Being the designated flipper. You end up tied to the stove and by the time you sit down to enjoy your stack, everyone else is finishing up, and there’s pancake batter smeared on your nose. So instead, this past weekend… Read More

The Best Thing.

Just a quick PSA: I picked up this stuff at the grocery store yesterday and it is a GAME CHANGER. Coconut-y (but not overpowering), slightly sweet, a little salty. So good. I highly recommend. Question: do you guys ever bother making nut butters? I once tried making Nutella and it was just a grainy, chalky (expensive!) mess. Photo… Read More

The Only Scone Recipe You’ll Ever Need

About once a year, usually around Christmas, I visited my grandmother and spent my days reading on the couch, sprawling out on her carpeted floors, and eating ice cream before lunch. We would chat, talk about shoes, and take trips to the mall, browsing the Clinique section at Macy’s. In the mornings, we would have her homemade scones, which were… Read More