Help! I’m in a Book Rut

Has anyone read anything good recently? I’m in a book rut; I keep starting books and losing interest a few pages in. And now that it’s summer, I want something JUICY and substantial that I can’t put down. In the words of Stendhal, “A good book is an event in my life.” Over the last… Read More

What Are You Reading?

I’ve been on a nonfiction kick recently, and really loved The Rules Do Not Apply (intense, sharp, honest) and You Are a Badass (inspiring; it’s definitely lit a fire up my ass). I’m also listening to The Handmaid’s Tale on audio, narrated by Claire Danes, and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re watching the show! (Danes reads the… Read More

What Books Do You Re-Read?

I’ve made an effort recently to add reading back to my everyday list of Things I Can Do Instead of Look at My Phone. It’s bad enough that it has slipped off that list, and after a prolonged period of guilt and self-afflicted scolding (You’re a writer! You know better, Joy!), I’ve picked myself up and… Read More

Book Recommendations?

I’m going on vacation next week, and all I plan to do is read on the beach. (I’m sorry, that is such an obnoxious sentence). I have a terrible habit of only finishing books about 20% of the time (also reading the last page, busted…) so I’m looking for something that I can’t put down. Books I’ve… Read More