What’s Your Signature Scent?

We’ve talked about perfume before, but I’d like to ask you guys: what’s your signature scent? In high school, I wore the original and heady Marc Jacobs perfume, in college I spritzed my hair with Jasmine, and since then, I’ve worn Kai’s lovely and intoxicating perfume oil, rubbed into my wrists. Recently, I’ve been itching for a… Read More

Pretty Summer Perfume

I just popped into a little boutique in my town and randomly stumbled on a gem: perfume oil by Finn & Co. It’s light, beachy and smooth (it reminds me of this), without being too heady or sweet. Also, it doesn’t have that lingering alcoholic smell that perfume sprays often have. I am obsessed, and am going back tomorrow… Read More

Help! What’s Your Favorite Lotion?

It’s so dry in my house these days that I feel like my skin is baking. I’ve been good about exfoliating this winter, but there’s one thing that’s been lacking in my routine: a really good body lotion. I’ve tried that natural brand from CVS that’s called something carrots (eat your carrots?), and shea butter, but I wasn’t… Read More

Guys: Do you Like Mascara?

There are many articles out there about whether or not guys like makeup. I remember one article in Glamour — they stopped men in NYC, showed them 3 photos of the same woman made up at different stages (bare, natural, and hit-the-town-ready), and almost all the guys preferred the in between: the “natural” look, the “no make-up”… Read More