A Trick for Delicious Walnuts

Here’s something that I’ve learned from working at a restaurant: if you vigorously rub walnuts between your hands, you’ll remove the papery outer skin, which contains that slightly bitter flavor. What you’re left with are walnuts so addictive and delicious you’ll want to add them to everything (salads! Brownies! Granola! Oatmeal! Pasta!). Here’s how to do it… First,… Read More

The Secret Trick to Finding Affordable, Long Lasting Jewelry

I love gold jewelry, and I think there’s nothing prettier than a simple gold necklace against a bare neck. Over the years, I’ve picked up affordable pieces of jewelry (waiting in line at Madewell, finding a pretty piece on Etsy, etc) but I’ve noticed something: some of the pieces I buy quickly tarnish, leaving that dreaded green line on… Read More

A Trick For Making Yourself Run

One of my closest friends is a runner. She runs everyday, and it’s not only something that she thoroughly enjoys, it’s a survival thing for her, too — like eating, or sleeping, or drinking coffee –without it, she feels completely off. “I can’t wait for my run later” she’s said, MULTIPLE TIMES, while I gawk in the background.… Read More

Something to Remind Yourself When You Fall Down a Shopping Rabbit Hole

Confession: this is mostly a reminder for myself, but I think a few of you might relate… My budget does’t really include clothes, shoes and bags, so every time I sneak a look at Madewell, I’m basically thinking, “shootshootshoot don’t do it.” A girl’s gotta treat herself every once in awhile, but my problem (raise your… Read More

A Weeknight Dinner Trick

One super easy way to transform your weekly meals? Make a batch of quick pickled onions. It takes 5 minutes to throw together, and turns even the simplest dinners into something slightly more chef-y and gourmet (and pretty!). You could add it to everything — sandwiches, tacos, salads, rice and beans, toast…the list goes on. It also seems to ALWAYS impress at… Read More