Why I Stopped Reading Women’s Magazines

During my 45 minute commute to high school every day, I read magazines. Glamour, Lucky, Elle, Self, Cosmo, etc. I was drawn to the pretty and successful women in the pages, talking about their marriages and lipsticks and 5 pounds they finally lost doing this. I didn’t really relate to a lot of it but I still loved flipping through those glossy pages, picturing myself as a pretty, successful woman with a well paying job and many, many heels.

I unintentionally stopped reading magazines a few years ago. I think I just lost interest, but I also realized how incredibly repetitive it was. And then I immediately noticed two things: I quit trying to diet and I now buy so many less things. 

Magazine consumerism had me good: it made me feel kind of down about myself, and then it offered a solution: buy this. do this. everything will be better. If I read an article about how organic almonds not only helps you lose weight but clears up your skin and makes your hair glossier then I would have probably gone out and bought organic almonds. If I read an article about how this one particular lipstick is like a lip stain and a chapstick and a matte dream all in one and that no one can stop talking about it then I probably would have gone out and bought that, too. It worked on me.

I haven’t stopped liking fashion, or makeup, or trying to look my best.  But I do it on my own terms. Sometimes I feel out of the loop being on the Cape, and I’ll ask my NYC dwelling sister-in-law, “what’s in right now? what’s everyone wearing?” because I’m curious, but most of the time, I like that I have some distance from it all. It keeps me grounded (and I end up saving so much money!)

These days, I’ve been really loving online magazines like xoJane and The Cut. They’re witty and strong-minded. What do you read?


One thought on “Why I Stopped Reading Women’s Magazines

  1. I’m on the west coast (LA), and I’m obsessed with reading Sunset Magazine. It’s the most magnificent lifestyle/design/travel/etc magazine about the west, and it’s got me good.

    My kryptonite isn’t reading about shoes or makeup or dieting — it’s reading about ‘glamping’ or trips to Montana or filling my (non-existent) garden with succulents! Sunset magazine gives me major wanderlust – or if there are articles about LA, I then must must must go to this bar or that restaurant. Dangerous, haha, but so so fun.


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