Where Do You Shop for Work Clothes?

For the past six years or so, I’ve been freelancing — my jobs have included working at a restaurant and writing copy from my couch. My closet definitely reflects that lifestyle; I basically have lived in jeans, flannels, sweaters and leggings this entire time. Now that I’m back in NYC, and with a new job that requires business casual attire, I’m realizing that I don’t have anything to wear. No, but really. I’ve slowly but surely been buying new items here and there, but I’m curious where you shop for your work clothes.

So far, I’ve bought a few things I love. These kitten heels are so affordable, look classic and go with everything (Everlane just launched their version and they look almost identical).

Uniqlo’s rayon blouses are surprisingly comfortable, and for the price they can’t be beat. Bonus: they wash and dry well, so ironing isn’t necessary. I have one now, and plan on ordering like five more.

For pants, I’m still on the lookout, but I have these Uniqlo pants and really like them and just ordered a pair of these polka dot trousers from the Gap.

Loft seems like a good place to get blouses (and they always have sales), and these pointed flats are adorable. I’ve always been curious to try out Brass Clothing, too.

What do you wear to work? I’m having a hard time finding work appropriate clothing that’s also comfortable and not too stiff. Is that a losing battle? XO

10 thoughts on “Where Do You Shop for Work Clothes?

  1. My office doesn’t have a dress code, but people tend to wear business casual or casual. One piece I love is my J Crew sweater-blazer, which looks pulled together but not *formal.* In the fall, I also like to throw a scarf on, which makes everything look a little fancier and helps in unpredictable office climates. I’ve found great ones at Loft, FASHIONABLE, and H&M.

  2. I try to buy just a few beautiful classic pieces that I can mix and match— only pair of dress pants I own is the silk pants from kit and ace- looser fit, incredibly comfortable and still sophisticated, and machine wash! Also love the wool skirts from j crew/factory for fall and winter with tights and sweaters:)

  3. Joy, I teach and advise college students for a living, so comfortable work attire is a must for me too–especially in shoes since I walk so much. You’ve already mentioned some places I use–I also really like Uniqlo, especially for pants, and occasionally find items at Loft, including a pair of trouser pants I got this year and really liked once I got them altered a bit (the secret to making an iffy fit perfect). I also like JCrew (both regular and Factory) and Madwell–even though the latter leans casual, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of their Courier button-up shirts, dark denim skinny jeans, and a boyfriend-style blazer. For shoes, I’m willing to spend far more because I’m on my feet so much. My saviors there have been a pair of Dansko clogs (cute, I swear!) and Cole Haan oxfords. Congrats on the new job!

  4. This is a great post! I am constantly wondering the same thing. I usually buy more comfortable clothing better for weekends rather than the office. Shopping for work clothes will usually end in frustration and without any purchases. Why is it so tricky to find things that are comfortable, appropriate, and also similar to your personal style? As you find winners (professional but relaxed) please help a girl out and share! Also, congratulations on your move and achieving your goals. Way to be an awesome and constant inspiration!

  5. I second an above post that suggested New York and Co (lots of cute and affordable pants, blouses, shift dresses, and blazers), Loft, and J Crew Factory. Of course it’s hit or miss, but I almost always find something at TJ Maxx, too! Best of luck- I am rebuilding my working wardrobe too after being a stay at home mom for six years! It’s no easy task, but with some basic pieces, you can mix and match to make some great outfits!

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