When Was The Last Time You Were Bored?

Here is an app that scares me. It tracks how many times you use your iPhone everyday. That doesn’t include how many times you look at your iPhone everyday, or how many times you hear this sound and dig into your pocket only to realize it was for the person across the aisle from you reading the nutrition label off the back of a Ben & Jerry’s pint of Chunky Monkey (that’s not meant for reading, you mumble, scooting by).

I’ve talked about unplugging before, but I’ll talk some more, because — I’m guilty. So, so guilty. Of looking at Instagram before my eyes are open, of checking my email while I run a bath… and you know what makes me the saddest? This sinking feeling that my kids aren’t going to grow up seeing crossword puzzles wedged into magazine holders in their friend’s parent’s bathrooms. You know what I’m getting at, right? (Angry Birds, I’m looking at you…)

According to this five minute NPR segment, it’s good to be bored once in awhile. Things are happening in your brain when you’re doing nothing. As my ancient iPhone 4 continues to barrel down its inevitable path of obsolescence, I have been granted more and more moments throughout the day where it loses juice, and what happens next is just absurd: I feel free, light, unburdened. That just can’t be a good sign, I’m sure of it.

So, let’s do it. Let’s spend some time today being really truly bored.

Coffee drinking woman who I’m assuming is a little bored via Framboise Fashion

3 thoughts on “When Was The Last Time You Were Bored?

  1. So true, it can’t be good that we’ve all become so unwilling to just sit… and wait. . . like pulling out my phone in the restaurant the second my friend gets up to go to the bathroom.

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