What’s Your Signature Scent?

We’ve talked about perfume before, but I’d like to ask you guys: what’s your signature scent? In high school, I wore the original and heady Marc Jacobs perfume, in college I spritzed my hair with Jasmine, and since then, I’ve worn Kai’s lovely and intoxicating perfume oil, rubbed into my wrists.

Recently, I’ve been itching for a change, but perfume is so personal (and expensive!) that it’s feeling like a Big and Important Life Change. I’ve always gravitated towards feminine accents like gardenia, honeysuckle, and orange blossoms, but now I’m curious to try the more outdoorsy and less conventional perfumes. CB I Hate Perfume, located in Brooklyn, is known for their unique and non-perfume-y scents, and I could reading the descriptions online forever (for example, “A Room With a View” captures the scent of the hills above Florence – the vineyards, the wild grass, the finocchio, the hot dusty Florentine earth. I mean, WHAT?!). My mom wears their “Tidal Pool”, which can only be described as smelling like the inside of the ocean, and my friend swears by Demeter’s “Thunderstorm.” I, personally, would love to find a perfume that captures the exact scent of a fresh tomato vine in the middle of summer. cb_i_hate_perfume-christopher-brosius-600x399

Where do you shop for perfume? Do you switch up your scent or do you stick to just one? (Or do you skip perfume all together?) Let’s discuss…

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Signature Scent?

  1. I gravitate toward the delicate floral scents as well, but when I was looking for something that was just a little more androgynous and grown-up — without smelling too musky since those always fall flat on me — these are the perfumes that converted me since they’re still soft, subtle, and downright lovely:

  2. Have you heard of Commodity? They start by sending you 10 little samples (in cute tiny bottles), you get to keep them and try them out, then decide on one and they’ll send it to you in a larger size. They’re unisex and have a range of types of scents like Whiskey, Book, Mimosa, Gold… my favorite is Paper! And it’s just kinda fun to have all the little samples… I tried them out with some friends and gave away the scents I knew I wouldn’t wear!

  3. I’ve been wearing Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal for many years. It’s a very feminine scent, mostly pear + rose. It’s very delicate and doesn’t give me headaches like most perfumes do. Plus, I learned that it was created by Annick Goutal as a tribute to her daughter Camille (my name). How perfect is that ? 🙂

    They have truly gorgeous fragrances and I love their romantic yet simple packaging.

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