What’s Your Biggest Turn Off?

Deal breakers. We all have them, right? I was talking to a girlfriend about it the other day, who said that shoes were a deal breaker for her. “It’s the first thing I notice. If the shoes are no good, I can’t get past it.” It made me laugh, but then I remembered that I have an equally specific one myself: hot sauce. If the guy doesn’t like hot or spicy food, I immediately lose interest.

Out of curiosity, I asked a few more friends about their biggest turn offs, and I wasn’t disappointed. They included: bad hands, never asking questions, and anyone under 6 feet. It makes me wonder how and why we come to these ultimatums. They seem so arbitrary and fairly non-substantial, yet clearly they’re important to us.

So now I’m dying to know: what’s your biggest deal breaker?

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8 thoughts on “What’s Your Biggest Turn Off?

  1. Hey! I’m back. This is a great topic. In an old journal from when I was maybe 19, I made a list of deal breakers, and it’s pretty funny to look at now. I totally understand having those quirks about shoes, the hot sauce, and the other ones, too (except the not asking questions–that could potentially be substantial). But I have been with my boyfriend for more than six years and he definitely doesn’t fit my original requirements of liking super spicy ethnic food and going to the beach (he does like dogs, though!). I think when you meet someone you’re really compatible with, it probably won’t end up really mattering what kind of shoes he wears or how tall he is. But it can be so hard to get past the little things/pet peeves!

  2. I agree with Kelsey about the quirky dealbreakers. My only REAL dealbreaker is if they don’t like New Orleans. I’ve had a lot of philosophical conversations about this with myself, and that’s really the only thing that I definitely can’t imagine being able to accommodate (assuming we’re talking about someone who already fits the baseline/universal requirements of decency). But I think most true dealbreakers only reveal themselves with time.

  3. definitely based on the way they treat animals! and I have a weird thing where I observe how they treat/respond to restaurant waiters- I feel like someone’s basic nature can be revealed through offhand moments

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