What Would You Tell Your 22 Year Old Self?

I recently stumbled on this beautiful quote from writer Dani Shapiro on what she would tell her 22 year old self…

Oh, child! Somewhere inside you, your future has already unfurled like one of those coiled-up party streamers, once shiny, shaken loose, floating gracefully for a brief moment, now trampled underfoot after the party is over. The future you’re capable of imagining is already a thing of the past. Who did you think you would grow up to become? You could never have dreamt yourself up. Sit down. Let me tell you everything that’s happened.

It got me thinking. Even though 22 was only 5 years ago for me, it already feels like a long time ago. I was fresh out of college, thrust into a bizarre makeshift adult life, wobbling to work in sky-high heels and still sleeping in my childhood bed. I was crippled by the idea of trying to figure out what to “do” with my life, and, so I didn’t do anything, not at first. What would I tell myself? For starters, take a breath. Call your friends. Stop shopping. And walk away from that guy the first time.

After reading more excerpts of Dani’s on Brain Pickings, I discovered her blog and really love it, too, if you’re in the mood for comforting words. Also, IF (and only if) you feel like it, please share your age in the comments! I love knowing more about you guys.

For fun, here is a picture of me on my 22nd birthday.


Top Photo via Rustic Bones

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