What Magazines Do You Read?

Have you guys read Real Simple? I randomly picked up the January issue at the grocery store this past weekend, and was surprised by how much I loved it. In the past, I’ve always thought of it as the post-menopausal mom magazine (eek, no offense to anyone who probably took offense at that sentence!) — but it hits the perfect balance of tips, real talk, useful shopping (this clever thing is now going on my after-Christmas wish list), great recipes, and random life hacks (a shot glass as a pineapple corer — GENIUS!). I also love its emphasis on stress management and anxiety relievers, two things I could definitely benefit from. I was actually tempted to take out a pen and circle things.

A passage from the editor’s note:

“When the Real Simple staff began brainstorming themes for this issue, the first of 2016, we kept going back to the notion of “own it.” As in: Own who you are own your personality traits; own your passions and your hang-ups. Every January, magazines come out with covers that say things like “New Year, New You!” Here at Real Simple, we’d like to say, “New Year, Still You!” You see, we don’t want to change you. We just want to help you understand your needs and own the whole package — strength and weaknesses alike.”

It’s SO refreshing to find a magazine that doesn’t instantly make me feel bad about myself, or remind me that my top priority should be losing those 5 pounds. Their podcasts are great, too. Bravo, Real Simple!

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  1. Love this magazine! I admit I have been reading it since I was about 16 for the very same reasons. It’s basic while being relevant and I always feel motivated to try and be a little better after reading it.

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