What Games Do You Play at Dinner Parties?

It’s dinner party season, so I’d like to know: when you have your own gatherings, do you bust out board games (or card games)? or do you just sit and chat and munch on nuts? My all-time favorite is Fictionary — people always come up with the BEST definitions — and for the past few years, Settlers of Catan has been really popular around here, but it’s so intense (way too much strategizing!). Plus, it goes on for hours and I always lose.

Well, my friend, Rena, just told me about this board game. Have you heard of it? Apparently, it’s like a Telephone/Pictionary mash-up, which sounds right up my alley, and has people rolling on the floor laughing. She recommended getting the tamer version for playing with in-laws :). I can’t wait to try it!

P.S. People playing Monopoly over the years.

5 thoughts on “What Games Do You Play at Dinner Parties?

  1. Lately Bananagrams and Code Name have been big favourites. We also love Empires and Fishbowl — all you need for either of them are a piece of paper and a pen, and they’re great for big groups.

    Empires was taught to my family when we were visiting cousins in England, and it works like this: everyone writes down a name of a person. Then someone reads all the names out loud, once. Then you guess who is who. Whoever reads the names starts (i.e., Joy, are you Charlie Brown?), and whoever is asked the question gets to ask next. If someone guesses who you are, you become part of their ’empire’ and go sit with them and you can work together to figure out who is who. The bigger your empire, the more brainpower you have to figure out who is who. The person whose identity remains a secret for the longest wins!

  2. Some friends introduced me to Shut the Box, which is awesome enough that I’m pretty sure I’m buying this version of it for several friends this holiday season: https://www.etsy.com/listing/210857952/shut-the-box-dice-game
    The rules vary slightly (you can actually see them in the images on that link), but my friends up the ante — whoever wants to play puts $1 into the box, and everyone just keeps doing that (over the course of weeks, months even!) until someone wins and gets to take the whole stash. It’s great and low-key, a good thing to do over nightcaps :), and everyone gets soooo excited. Someone won the night I was there, and they were so into it that they ended up running out of $1s and contributing a filled-up punch card from a local coffee shop. And of course that was the round where they won it all!!!

  3. Fun! Love this- I’m now thinking about getting Telestrations for my husband for Christmas.

    My friend group has played our fair share of Catan too (I won the very first time I played, but literally have lost the 1,000 games since– I have now sworn it off. I mean, how many ways can you lose Catan?)
    Balderdash is also a favorite. Ticket to Ride is a nice game if you’re low key chilling.

    If we are really feeling wild, our group will play True American, followed by a dance party– but that is reserved for special occasions. :p

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