What Cheers You Up?

This morning I woke up, fed Juniper, checked my email and put on the kettle for coffee.  I was in good spirits as I finished up my most recent article and straightened up the living room. But by noon, my mood had plummeted. While I washed some dishes, I watched a fedex man across the street place a box on someone’s front door and suddenly wanted to cry. It sounds dramatic, but there I was — in the WORST mood, wanting to crawl back into bed.  So, in an effort to make myself feel better, I tried to think of the funny cat video I saw on youtube the other day, then I went onto Buzzfeed hoping there’d be an inappropriate article to make me laugh. I was literally thinking, quick quick quick — something, cheer me up! I hate bad moods.

Friends, what do you do when you’re falling into a crappy mood? Do you have a go-to pick me up? Something that always makes you laugh? I’d love to hear. (Please don’t tell me to go for a run!) The bottom line is — I’m ready for spring.

Top photo of my dad, on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. He’s good at cheering me up 🙂 

8 thoughts on “What Cheers You Up?

  1. I like to take myself out on a little adventure — go for a walk and sit on a bench in a pretty place or pick up some kind of sugary treat. Dessert and nature can’t possibly make a sad situation worse.

  2. Sometimes I try so hard to escape from bad moods because they’re so uncomfortable that I actually think I make it worse. So lately I’ve been trying to just let myself feel the mood. Just let it happen and not try to fix it. And sometimes that’s actually the thing that works and makes it go away. (But not always. Then I try a run, and if that doesn’t work, wine.)

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