What Are Your Small Pleasures?

I loved this article on Book of Life about small pleasures:

“We are dominated by striving: for better relationships, work and personal lives. Restless, we think, is synonymous with success. Nothing should be good enough for long. But, in so concerning ourselves with unattainable levels of excellence, we overlook more modest pleasures, closer to home.”

“A pleasure may look very minor – eating a fig, having a bath, whispering in bed in the dark, talking to a grandparent, or scanning through old photos of when you were a child – and yet be anything but: if properly grasped and elaborated upon, these sort of activities may be among the most moving and satisfying we can have.”

It really rang true for me. Those tiny moments throughout the day are usually what end up making my day, and I want to remember to cherish them. A recent small pleasure:

I found this piece of dried lichen (??) the other day while out on a walk, and I brought it home with me. It now lives happily on my kitchen window sill. I think it’s so beautiful — like blooming flowers.

More recent small pleasures I can remember: adding chocolate milk to my coffee, and a kiss on the forehead after a long day:). Share yours, if you feel like it! XO

P.S. The secret to becoming adventurous.

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2 thoughts on “What Are Your Small Pleasures?

  1. There are so many! The smell of fresh coffee grounds in the morning, an icy beer in a frosted glass on a hot day, crisp bedsheets. That dried lichen is beautiful!

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