What Are Your Goals for the Week?

In college, my friends and I would often discuss our to-do list’s in detail with one another. We would touch base on Monday, discussing a paper due or project on the horizon, and then on Friday, revisit our planners, or just talk about what we accomplished as we put on mascara for a party.

We did it all the time, and it was easy to do, especially since we were always together and often sharing deadlines. I really miss it — and especially as a freelancer, I often crave the company of working with friends. So, today, I’d like to do a little online version. What are your goals for the week? What’s on the top of your to-do list? Even if they’re not particularly exciting, it feels good to share with others. I also have a theory that you’re more inclined to do it if you share it publicly :). So I’ll go first. A few of my goals for the week are:

1. Tackle a big (fun!) project for work.

2. Stick to my new-ish productive morning routine: wake up, breakfast, emails, workout, dog walk, work.

3. Call my Grandma.

Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich.

2 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals for the Week?

  1. My goal this week: Hire a new team member at work. If done, I could fall asleep peacefully on Friday evening.
    Have a productive week Joy!

  2. I’m editing a mess of a chapter for this cookbook and SO ready to hit “send” to my editor and publisher! Gotta get done by tomorrow, no ifs, ands, or buts … even if it means going to bed at 2:30 like I did last night :\
    Once that’s behind me, I can focus on personal goals: catch up on my lapsed one-line-a-day journal, give my apartment a thorough cleaning, and cook a delicious lunch for my lunch swap!

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