What Are Your Favorite Subscription Services?

Have you noticed that there’s a subscription box service for pretty much everything these days? From bathroom supplies to dog treats to condoms — you can have all your monthly supplies at your doorstep. But I’ve always wondered if they’re worth it, or if you just end up spending more money in the long haul (and end up with more clutter). Here’s one I’m curious to try, and two I just signed up for…


I have a friend who takes a multivitamin everyday and swears it keeps her from getting sick. I’ve never gotten into the habit, but I wonder if I should. Ritual packs the 9 essential vitamins women lack the most into one capsule. Plus, the pill is coated, making it easier to swallow than those impossibly large horse pills (HATE those).


Blue Apron

There are a ton of meal delivery services out there, but Blue Apron remains on the top for its super fresh ingredients and original recipes. I’ve heard mixed reviews among friends (and a lot of complaints about the amount of waste produced from their packaging), but I wanted to see for myself. I just signed up for a trial week, and I’ll be reporting back with my thoughts soon (and recycling as much as much of it as possible). Stay tuned!


Okay, this might not be the most exciting service, but it’s one I’m really thrilled about. As someone who orders daily contacts every 3 months, I was STOKED to learn about Hubble, a new brand of contact lenses that cost half the price of current contacts on the market. I’m giving it a shot since the first box is free (you just cover $3 handling and shipping fee).

Have you tried any of these? Do you subscribe to any monthly services? Would love to hear! 

6 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Subscription Services?

  1. hi love! we did Blue Apron for about a year, and loved it in general — I cook so much anyway and have plenty of time to shop and plan so I thought it was such a silly idea at first, but i really loved how much it encouraged me to try recipes and ingredients I don’t normally cook with AND gave me structure so that i didn’t just make scrambled eggs. Also, it inspired me to go the extra mile with my cooking: add a garnish always, or layer more flavors into sauces, etc. But, I also didn’t love some things about it: packaging, not enough variety or ability to change meal options, etc. So now we’re trying Sunbasket and I really, really like it also. Different and quicker, but still really good. Let me know what you think of BA!

  2. Omg, can’t wait to try Hubble too! I’m addicted to Book of the Month (one new hardcover every month!) and Lola (100% organic tampons in customizable boxes). 🙂

  3. Cause Box! My sweet sister gave it to me for Christmas. It’s a quarterly subscription of socially responsible goods that benefit various causes around the globe. This last month I got a leather wallet made by female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, vegan nail polish, a beautiful scarf from India, and fair trade L’Occitane hand cream. A great way to invest in good causes — everyone wins!

  4. Ok, so I’m a bit obsessed with subscription boxes out here alone in the woods! I’ve been subscribing to Globein for a year now and absolutely love it. It sounds extremely similar to Cause Box. The quality of the products is so high and not to mention adorable (last month I got two hand blown wine glasses from Mexico, soapstone dish and heart from kenya, chocolate from panama, and a basket fro Mexico!). Not to mention that they tell you the impact of each box on local artisans every month! I just absolutely love it.

    I actually signed up for Vnyl today and can’t wait to get my first 3 records!

    I was looking into Blue Apron- but I’m not so sure! I’m curious to hear your review.

    Miss you Joy.

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