What Are Your Favorite Pair of Jeans?

In my opinion, a well fitted pair of jeans is one of the sexiest things. So, for my college graduation present to myself, I bought a fancy pair. I’d never owned jeans worth more than $50, and always wondered if I was missing out on something.

I wore them for two years straight, and they really were the best fitting jeans I’ve ever had, buttery soft and stretchy while still holding their shape and making my legs look miles long(er than they are). And then one day I went to sit down on the subway and felt the cold plastic seat on my exposed bum and that was that.


Since then, I’ve tried out a few cheaper options, but haven’t found ones that I absolutely love. Either they stretch out throughout the day, or flatten out my behind. So I’m wondering — what are your favorite pair of jeans? Are they from Gap? Madewell? Old Navy? Citizens of Humanity? Or someplace I’ve never heard of? I’ll take all of the jean advice I can get!

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10 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Pair of Jeans?

  1. I found a pair of black jeans from Uniqlo that I LOVE, and my favorite blue jeans are from Urban Outfitters. (I have a fancy pair, too — they were a gift — but I hate them because they stretch! They’re my comfy pants for slouchy days.) It’s hard for me to endorse UO’s jeans because I find that they literally fit differently from one store to the next, but at least we know that, with persistence, the perfect jeans can be found there…

  2. For Christmas my mother got me a pair of jeans called…. Mothers. Let me put it this way- I’m wearing them right now. They are made of a great material (a bit softer than traditional jeans). Other brands that have brought me much joy: Citizens of Humanity & Genetics.

  3. I worked at Gap all the way through college, so I’m a pretty big fan of their jeans (they’re great for runners, by and large, in the sense that I have a small waist compared to my butt, and I don’t have to wear a belt with them – hurray for small victories!), but I’ve picked up second-hand pairs of Citizens for Humanity jeans (I LOVE THEM) and Express Jeans (pleasantly surprised!) and been very pleased as well. I also actually picked up a pair of jeans at the most random place last winter – Eddie Bauer! I always thought their jeans were very mom-ish, but I think they must really be trying to get up to speed, because they were remarkably cute and fit great.

    • My friend also has a pair of Express jeans and every time I wear them I’m like, “those look so good!” And Eddie Bauer? Totally unexpected, but I believe you! Thanks for the suggestions! xo

  4. I normally love high end goodies, but I swear by jeans from American Eagle. They fit like a glove and their X brand (or something like that) feels like butter! So comfy but hugging all the right places!

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