What Are Your Bad Mood Mantras?

We’ve talked about life mantras, about ways to lift your mood when you’re feeling crappy, but what about bad mood mantras? Something — a phrase or saying, that you keep in your back pocket and remind yourself when you’re flying full speed down the bad mood freeway? I need one. Like, right now.

There are few triggers that get me, but they get me every time, without fail. One of them is a cup of hot soup with a cold spot in it. The other is enduring a conversation where someone tries to convince me that pit bulls are in fact terrible dogs, and that the prejudice exists because it’s true. Having a pit bull myself, these conversations are never pleasant, but what’s worse is the bad taste that lingers for HOURS after — have anyone tell you that the thing you love unconditionally is actually a terrible thing, (and might kill you in your sleep!! Or bite your face off!) and it is guaranteed to put a damper on your day. I’m realizing that this would all be much more bearable if I could walk away with a wise little saying in mind, something to help shake off that funk. Haters gonna hate, right?

What are your bad mood triggers? And how to do you cope? A mantra? A moment to yourself? A song? Would really love to know.


8 thoughts on “What Are Your Bad Mood Mantras?

  1. Ugh, totally know what you mean. One of my tricks is to look at my words board on Pinterest–it’s always full of uplifting quotes that take my bad mood down a notch. 🙂

  2. I like to think about the fact that some people have real problems. Some have it worse, so I shouldn’t feel so sorry for myself.
    Such as “how can I afford to pay for my child’s field trip”, or “why do some people not have a warm place to sleep at night.”. Or, “why did I have to flee from my home country just to save my life.”
    Ya know?

  3. Having a BAD DAY, then clicked on your blog only to find this post. Nice to know we’re not alone! I’ve read that people who force opinions on others are insecure bullies seeking validation. I try to feel sorry for them and completely change the subject – a tactic I learned at an assertiveness class once. Hang on in there Joy!

  4. Um, HI. So glad I’m not the only one who is terribly affected for hours after someone talks to me about my “aggressive” pit bull, asks if it’s “okay” to ride the elevator with her, or jumps away as I walk her down the street. I’m forever thinking of quick and pointed responses to turn these conversations around.

  5. I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s ok to just let some people be stupid. When people are sure they’re right about some rediculous thing I think -ok, that’s not true at all, but ok- and then I just let them think what they wanna think. It’s not my job to set them straight. It gets easier with practice.

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