Weird Question: How Often Do You Think About Death?

I remember being as young as 7 or 8, sitting at the bus stop after school, or doodling on the weekends, and thinking about death. I wondered about it all the time- not just dying, but birth, and life, and what would happen after I die? Who would think these thoughts? And the future of the human race. Heavy stuff, right? I wasn’t a super withdrawn or quiet child, I just thought about those things often.

And then, at one point, I was flagged down by a fortune teller on the street who told me I would die in my twenties. She had such a pained look in her eyes as she told me and I remember hobbling around for the rest of the day feeling really weird. (Who would say that to someone?!) Even though she was probably (hopefully) crazy, that little interaction has stayed with me like a stone in my stomach. It pops into my head at random times and my imagination goes to town.  To be honest, I think it will be a huge relief to turn 30!

On Monday, I ended up watching this video, and it has stuck with me all week. It’s touching and not exactly uplifting, but it’s beautifully done and a huge reminder to be grateful for your health, your mind, and your family.

Image from We Heart it, video by Banker White for the New York Times

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