Walks with Juniper

There are some things about owning a dog that I wouldn’t mind changing — like the fact that I’m going to have dog hair on my black pants for the next ten years, or always be downwind of Juniper’s mega powerful dog farts.

walks 6

When I got her, I didn’t really think about how much time I was committing to going on long walks, to being outside with my animal. I imagined a 20 minute walk here, a 15 minute walk there.

walks 1

But this girl needs EXERCISE. We’re not talking 10 minutes on your yoga mat, we’re talking balls-to-the-wall-DROP-AND-GIVE-ME-FIFTY.

walks 5

walks 4

So everyday, I take Juniper to the woods, and we walk the trails. I leave my phone behind and hope for the best (I’ve only really gotten lost once, but it was terrifying).

There are some days when I’m a little bored, trailing behind as she sniffs for chipmunks and stops in her tracks to check out a pile of dried up horse poo. Time seems to slow waaaayy down when you’re in the woods by yourself, and it can get lonely.

walks 2

Then there are days when I soak it up, grateful for the fresh air, humored by my dog’s nuttiness. I’ll spot pretty berries, or pull up my jeans and wade into the warm lake.

Mostly though, I just do it. Its become routine, become a part of my day, like brushing my teeth or making coffee — and it’s something that I wouldn’t change, not even for a second. When I start thinking about all the time I wouldn’t be spending in the woods had I not gotten Juniper, the dog hair and the dog farts start to matter less.

walks 7

(But really though, her farts are insane).

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