So…something crazy happened yesterday. First, a little back story…

On January 27th, right in the middle of a blizzard, I went for a walk and lost my phone. By the time I got to my friends’ house and reached into my pocket to check the time, it was gone. I had a feeling I lost it somewhere on my street, so I went back and searched for it, but at that point the road had been plowed and there was snow up to my waist on either side.

Last night, I got a text from Flannery, the friend whose house I had walked to that day. “So…” she wrote, “found your phone today.” “It still works.”

Where was it, you ask? Apparently, right outside the door. Mhm. It must have slipped out of my pocket and dropped into a fresh pile of snow as I walked inside. After nearly two of the most brutally cold, snowy, rainy, icy, miserable months, all my sweet iPhone 4 needed was a quick charge before turning back on. I went and retrieved it, and it works just fine. I feel like it deserves a Jimmy Kimmel moment.

One thought on “Unbelievable.

  1. and the photo was taken byyyy your shiny new iphone 5s. i feel like they’re new siblings competing for mom’s attention.
    apple should give you a million dollars and let you be their spokeswoman!

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