Trying Something New…

YOU GUYS. Raise your hand if you reach for the same damn pair of jeans and comfy sweater every freakin’ day. In an effort to stave off the closet crankies (just made that up), I’ve been trying to only buy things I absolutely LOVE and plan on wearing later that day. I pass on everything else. I would say it’s along the lines of a Capsule wardrobe, except not everything needs to be expensive and long lasting (for example, I’ll still buy something from Forever21 if I absolutely love it. Doesn’t matter so much to me if it doesn’t last 10 years, as long as it gets good use!). Anyway, I’ve been hunting and gathering for more of these *forever* pieces. Here’s what I’m eying.

3c fall fashion


Counter clockwise from top: Star sweater, pointed flats, the comfiest undies, fedora, hoops, every day lip tint, chunky sweater, scarf, cute socks, flattering tee.

What about you guys? Do you have any of your own shopping guidelines? Where are you shopping online these days? I’d love to know!

Top photo.

One thought on “Trying Something New…

  1. I am notorious for impulse buying. I am terrible about it. SO I make a list of “must-haves” each season, so that when I go out shopping, I have a “to-do list” of sorts. I try to look for those pieces on my must haves list, those things I want the very most, before I get side-tracked by all the shiny pretties I see along the way! By the way–capsule wardrobes will just never ever work for me. I love clothes way too much!

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