Trying Out a New Kind of Weekend

Here’s a photo of me on my laptop. Come back two hours later, and I’ll still be on it. Six hours? Ten hours? Yep, yep. Return a day later, and there I’ll be. On my laptop. It’s my work, so it makes sense. But this past weekend, my family was in town, I was busy, and come Sunday night, I realized I hadn’t touched it since Friday afternoon. And you know what else? My weekend was good. Different good. Really good.

It’s tricky, because my laptop holds my work, but it also holds my relaxation time — my unwind time. I love vegging out on a Sunday afternoon watching hilarious cooking shows on Youtube. I also have you guys! The weekend is often when I get to catch up on your comments and start brainstorming posts for the week.

But I just keep going back to how good it felt to truly, truly take a break. Honestly, it was like vacation. So, I’m trying out something new; from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon at 4pm, I’m putting my laptop in my bag and stowing it away. This means I’ll be scheduling weekend posts in advance, which I often do anyway, and come Sunday afternoon, I can get ready for the week if I want to. My theory is that I’ll be more productive during the week knowing I won’t have the chance to catch up or squeeze in work during the weekend.

What do you think? Do you set parameters for your weekend or try to limit “screen time?”

Image by Ashley Corbin-Teich

2 thoughts on “Trying Out a New Kind of Weekend

  1. Joy, I love this idea and admire it. Like you said, it’s tricky because my laptop is also entertainment (I have a roommate and it’s my only way to watch TV at times). But it also means that I feel like my electronics (laptop + phone) are almost a physical part of my body. I’m trying to be better about reducing screen time at night and reading instead. But maybe I can try some time away from my laptop on weekends too–maybe only reserving it for TV time.

  2. A tempting idea! I would love for my weekends to feel like weekends again. Since I have a 9-5 job (and a baby at home!), my freelance writing always gets pushed to the weekend, which I hate, because the weather is getting nicer and nicer and I just want to be outside instead of hunched over my laptop in a cafe. I’ve been trying to push myself to become a weeknight writer, but staying up late to write feels like mental torture. Curious to know if you have a day job, Joy?

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