To My Readers

Greetings from the other side of the holidays! Whew.

During my time off last week, I thought about 3 Chairs in 2016. I’m currently brainstorming some web design updates (recipe archive, anyone?!) but I also thought a lot about content and posts…which brings me to the following:

I’d love to know, if you feel inclined to share, which posts you enjoy the most on 3C, and also what you would like to see more of. Whether it’s fashion, weeknight meals, real talk, relationship advice, more photos of the beach…I’m all ears!

Thank you all so much for reading. And let’s make it through today, shall we? XO

15 thoughts on “To My Readers

  1. Real talk and relationship advice! I bet those require the most bravery to write, so I trust your judgement, but I think those posts are the internet at its best: honest, connective, and normalizing.

  2. Joy, like everyone else, I like your real talk posts, especially those you’ve written about being in between careers, not sure of what’s next. I also always enjoy your recipes and fashion posts.

  3. I really like your personal posts and your recipes (my favourite recent article was the one about your Holiday party, which is kind of a combination of both). 🙂

  4. Were you in NYC last week? I think I saw you leaving Madewell on 5th Ave and I got so excited but was suddenly too shy to say hello, even though your blog is one of my favorites! Hehe sorry if this is super creepy! 🙂

  5. I love your sweet insights, fun tidbits, useful info, relationship advice, real talk, and observations about the world. I also love a good, easy recipe or piece of cooking advice now and then, but its not the main reason I read.
    Thanks for asking and keep up the fantastic work!

  6. I’d like more recipes please! Real talk posts are good too. Not so into the relationship posts, but I’m happily married so it’s more of a demographic thing than a content thing.

  7. Love the Real Talk posts…also recipes (you have such great simple ones, and it’s clear you love cooking!) i particularly like the posts on woods hole..seems like such a beautiful place to live, the pics you post are great!

  8. I agree with the other commenters, I love your real talk posts (as well as weeknight meals and fashion). Your post today, for example, was so lovely. But I truly One thing I always appreciate your posts is not only your honesty and authenticity, but that it never feels like you’re talking down to your readers or claiming to know it all. There’s a spirit of, “We’re all in this together!” that I really value. I never feel bad about myself or my life after reading your site, which I find can easily happen with other blogs. Truly, I trust your judgment in whatever you choose to write about in 2016!

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