This Weekend: Shake It Off

I have been thinking about something recently (thank you, Tay Swift, for this one)… “shaking it off” is 1,000 times harder than it seems.

The very phrase “shake it off” implies something effortless and casual. And it can be, I guess — you can shake off the chills when you walk in from the cold. You can shake off a weird interaction with a cashier lady while paying for a Butterfinger. But then there are some things that are just SO HARD to shake off. To shake it off means to let go, and not just to let it go, but to let it go as fast as you possibly can. It requires courage, and faith, and other things I hold on reserve for Very Important Life Moments. It’s hard. Really hard.

There are some things we have to shake off before we’re ready. We all have them — we’re bound by them. So here’s a little public announcement for all my readers: shake it off. Whatever it is. Even if it feels premature to do so. That thing that needed to be shaken off days (weeks, years) ago? Right now, shake it off. Watch it fly off your shoulders. Feel, for a heavy, disheartening moment, like you’ve just left the house without pants on. Ride it out. The hardest part is already over.


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