Things That Make Sense

There is one question that always stumps me on personality tests, and it is:

Do you consider yourself a clean or messy person? 

My initial thought is: clean. I hang up my towel after I shower. I rearrange the couch pillows if they look slumpy. I vacuum the dog hair out of my car every Sunday.

On the OTHER hand. I have walked by a bowl of tepid cereal milk for three days without feeling compelled to bring it to the sink. I will watch dust bunnies form around the foot of my bed. Etc, etc, you get the point.

This chart from Design Sponge is being printed out and tacked to my forehead after I finish this post. One thing I’ve come to realize in the past year is that cleaning a little bit everyday is 100 times better than saving it for the day before your parents come to visit. This realization STILL feels revolutionary to me, even though it’s painstakingly obvious, so imagine how excited I was to find this chart, with all my chores divvied up and laid out for me.


Top image by Dee SullivanChart via Design Sponge.

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