The Weekend, in Review

As I mentioned, my brother and his fiancée were visiting this weekend, and after a muggy week, the weather cleared and we had two gorgeous days. It was extra special getting to catch up with them because…


After 10 YEARS, they got engaged! She’s family already (I’ve known her since I was 15), but it feels good to lock it down. Nicely done, Micah!

Having “guests” is my excuse to bake and cook up a storm, so first thing Saturday morning I got to work on some blueberry scones with lemon zest (for those who are curious, I always follow this fool-proof recipe and then change up the fruit when I feel like it).

Later that day, we went to our friends’ house for a BBQ…


Where I finally mastered the art of oyster shucking (in true Joy form, I realized afterwards that I was just eating 90% of the oysters I shucked. That serving platter stayed empty, lol).

A side note on fashion: Jackie wore a crisp button down from Madewell and left the bottom button undone. I thought it looked so chic and casual. Doesn’t it just work? Love her.

The best way to end the weekend: linguine with clams. And bacon. Shout out to my Uncle Mark who harvests clams on the Cape as a hobby but doesn’t like eating them.

Such a fun time. I hope everyone’s off to a great Monday!

Top photo by Micah. 

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