The (Unintentional) iPhone Cleanse

A few days ago, smack in the middle of the storm, I felt antsy and claustrophobic, so I went for a windy walk. Halfway down the road, my phone slipped soundlessly out of my jacket pocket and landed on the soft snowy ground. Ten minutes later, when I realized what had happened, I scrambled back. By then it was too late — the road had been freshly plowed, and snow banks were piled high on either side. My stomach was in my throat as I pictured my sweet old phone suffocating in a pile of heavy, dense Juno.

So this week has resulted in an (unintentional) iPhone cleanse. I’ve had to set an actual alarm to wake up. I’m writing my grocery lists on pen and paper. I have to do quick math IN MY HEAD, and the biggest change: I can’t snap a picture of everything.

I’ll admit — there’s so much cheating to be had. I have my laptop, which means I can make calls via gmail, and also touch base with people on Facebook. But those little empty moments where I used to reflexively reach for my phone and flip through Instagram, those moments are now filled with something else. As ridiculous as it sounds, my house actually feels like it’s in a stunned silence, my iPhone no longer dinging incessantly. I ordered a new phone yesterday, but for now, I’m enjoying this time off. (RIP, Magda).

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