The Things That Move Me

In the words of Ursula Le Guin

The daily routine of most adults is so heavy and artificial that we are closed off to much of the world. We have to do this in order to get our work done. I think one purpose of art is to get us out of those routines. When we hear music or poetry or stories, the world opens up again. We’re drawn in — or out — and the windows of our perception are cleansed, as William Blake said. 

So I’d love to ask: what has moved you recently? Whether it was a poem, a movie, a song, a line in a book, a moment between mother and child…I’d love to know! I’ll start things off…

This past weekend, during a weekend away with Kevin in Cornwall, Connecticut, we walked through a field with the prettiest little dried flowers. Something about the winter sun filtering through these little dried puffs moved me completely; it was a sight so simple and beautiful it almost felt suspended in time. Do you ever get the feeling, during a moment or instant in your life, that you will remember it forever? That’s how I felt.

This paragraph from Veronica by Mary Gaitskill also moved me:

“It’s raining again. I am deep in the unfolding. All around me living green opens and closes, undulating in ripples and great waves. The creek flashes, eager for the piercing rain, its hard, concentrated pouring. A slim tree naked of bark, ocher, smooth, comes out of the ground in a sinuous twist. A piece of fungus grows in a neat half wheel around a twig, like a hat on a lady with a long neck.”

I am deep in the unfolding. 

Sentences like that remind me why I love to write.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Lots of love. XO

7 thoughts on “The Things That Move Me

  1. I love your posts and feel a kindred spirit with you over here in the Pacific NW! 🙂 I was recently very moved by the movie “Call Me By Your Name,” have you seen it yet?? I keep thinking about it weeks afterward, and it didn’t hurt that it was a 2 hour sunny vacation to Italy too. xoxo

    • Emily, I came here to post the exact same thing! I loved “Call Me By Your Name” and cried not once, but twice during the film. Everything about it is so beautiful and moving. The performances, the music, and yes, the Italian countryside too!

      • Yes! It was so magical and meditative. The heartfelt conversation between the father and son at the end reaaaaally got me and my husband. As a parent, I hope to have that much compassion and trust with my kids!

    • Emily, your comment made my day. Thank you!!! I HAVEN’T seen Call me by Your Name yet but it is top on my list! In fact, I might take myself on a date to see it soon. Can’t wait 🙂

  2. lovely post. my 37-year-old husband of 18 years is an avid lover of music. after years of wanting and waiting, his custom built turn-table was delivered to our home on monday. that night, we sat together in the dimly lit room and listened to one of our favorite artists, sigur ros, for the first time on vinyl. witnessing this band live a decade ago was one of the most profound shared experiences we’ve ever had together which is something considering he was my boyfriend at age 13 and now the father of our three children! we’ve been through some stuff.

    there are few moments more moving than the blessing of being able to witness someone dear to you experiencing genuine contentment and happiness from life’s simple pleasures.

    • “There are few moments more moving than the blessing of being able to witness someone dear to you experiencing genuine contentment and happiness from life’s simple pleasures.”

      This is such a sweet comment, Emily. Love this.

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