The Secret Trick to Finding Affordable, Long Lasting Jewelry

I love gold jewelry, and I think there’s nothing prettier than a simple gold necklace against a bare neck. Over the years, I’ve picked up affordable pieces of jewelry (waiting in line at Madewell, finding a pretty piece on Etsy, etc) but I’ve noticed something: some of the pieces I buy quickly tarnish, leaving that dreaded green line on my finger, while others miraculously stay gold and last for years. So I did a little digging the other day and realized: it’s the difference of one word. Gold plated versus gold filled. Plated fades after a short time (it’s literally a base metal, often brass, quickly dipped into a bath of solution that contains a small percentage of gold), while gold filled will stay untarnished for years. The best part? You can easily find gold filled jewelry for under $30. I’m always on the fence about buying cheap jewelry but now that I know this I’m psyched to treat myself to something new, like this cute ring from Favor Jewelry.

4 thoughts on “The Secret Trick to Finding Affordable, Long Lasting Jewelry

  1. Be careful though, because the metal under the gold fill is usually still brass, and it’s a very soft metal that bends easily. A cute ring that is gold fill might warp very easily even if it doesn’t lose its pretty gold color. I’ve had that problem before. The good news is, at that price it doesn’t feel like a big loss 😉

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