The Secret to Luminous Skin

I was waiting in a long line this weekend at the airport when the woman in front of me struck up a conversation. As we were chatting about this and that, I couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously luminous and healthy her skin looked. Well, it turns out that she’s an esthetician, and she even told me her secret to gorgeous skin: an egg face mask. Have you ever heard of this? Apparently, properties in egg whites tighten pores, and the yolk is moisturizing (just omit if you have oily skin). It’s hard to picture massaging a raw egg onto my face (wouldn’t it just slide off?) but she says it works, and made me promise I’d try it. SO. Off I go…will report back with my findings!


First image via Grace and Guts. Second via Food52.

One thought on “The Secret to Luminous Skin

  1. I’m intrigued! Definitely let us know how it goes.

    One I heard recently is yogurt and honey as a face mask! A little more appetizing than raw egg 🙂

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