The Really Weird Beauty Tip I Swear By

I’ve been *blessed* with skin that manages to be oily at the same time that it manages to be dry and flaky. I have NO IDEA how it pulls it off, but it does — lucky me.

Back in high school, a kind Sephora lady convinced me that what I needed to find was a good exfoliator. She said if I could properly exfoliate away dead skin cells, my skin would become more balanced and fresh. Then she sold me one that she swore by; it smelled like peonies and it had the Sephora price tag, but it didn’t solve my weird combination skin woes.

AND THEN. Two years back, I was at home for a visit, and I found a mysterious bottle of gel in the bathroom cabinet. It wasn’t for your hair — it was for your face. Since my mom has similar skin issues as I do (imagine that, genes!!!), I asked for a tutorial.

Here’s how it works: on a dry face, use your fingertips to massage in a small amount, working in circles around your nose, cheeks, and forehead. After a moment or two, tiny balls start to form, and as you continue to massage your skin, the gel gathers more residue. Those are your dead skin cells. It sounds weird and kind of gross and unnatural BUT it’s the #1 exfoliator in Japan, apparently selling a bottle every 12 seconds!

Plus, it has essentially solved all my weird skin issues. It evens everything out without being too drying or harsh, and best yet — it makes your face feel and look like you just came from the spa. I have used it ever since, and even take a small amount with me when I travel.

Have you tried it?


3 thoughts on “The Really Weird Beauty Tip I Swear By

  1. I found the same exact product about a year back and just repurchased it. Nothing works as well and I have the same combination skin. So glad you are featuring this!!

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