The Power of Self Encouragement

I keep thinking about something recently: why is it so easy for me to stick to some daily routines (coffee, checking Instagram, brushing my teeth), while it’s nearly impossible for me to stick to others? (Exercise, I’m looking at you). Of course, I enjoy drinking coffee and don’t particularly like exercising, but I’m so curious if there’s a way for me to get exercise right up next to coffee, where I don’t think about it, I just do it. I turn on the kettle every morning. Every single morning.

Well, my therapist made an interesting point the other day. She asked if I ever take a minute after I do the things I wished I did more, to pat myself on the back. To acknowledge how I was feeling, that very moment.


I realized, after that conversation, that I spend so much time criticizing myself, talking down to myself, that I barely ever change my tone. So, the other day, after I went for a jog and my cheeks were rosy and a cranky mood had lifted, I tried it on myself. I’m proud of you. It almost knocked me off my feet — to have that voice — which is usually sent outward, be turned around and received on this end.

Do you ever stop to give yourself words of encouragement? As silly as it sounds, try talking to yourself as if you’re a sweet child you enjoy spending time with. Be patient and nurturing. It’s amazing what it does! (I went jogging the next day).

P.S. I’m proud of ALL of you. 🙂

Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich

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