The Power of Asking Questions

I’ve been struggling to reach my personal goals recently, and to keep at them even when I’m discouraged. So a few nights ago, I took out my journal and started asking myself questions, as if I were a supportive girlfriend helping to see the bigger picture. I started with, “what’s stopping me from reaching my goals?

I stared at my notebook. What is stopping me? So many overwhelming thoughts came to my mind — but instead, I jotted down a few more questions. As I kept writing, the answers came, too. Some of them were a-ha moments, some of them I left unanswered, and some I already knew. But it was so incredibly helpful to take a step back, to have a Q & A with myself, for once. A few other questions I wrote down:

“How can I use my time better?”

“What am I afraid of?”

“What habits need to change?” 

“What will I feel proud of accomplishing at the end of this week?”

I highly recommend it, if you’re feeling stuck! I’m also excited to share some of the revelations I had, and little changes I’m making to my routine.

P.S. I found this article about creating rituals rather than habits really interesting.

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Asking Questions

  1. Joy, I love how this idea of asking more questions allows you to get more specific about the first question instead of vague answers like “fear” or “lack of time.” I’m going to try this technique myself–thanks for sharing!

  2. You should check out Jennifer Louden’s website–she has a ton of concrete ideas for accomplishing creative projects. I signed up for her emails a while back and her suggestions have helped me stay on track with my writing.

  3. I love this post!! And, it came a a great time, too! I used to journal all the time and now, with kids, I can barely click on the television (which I know should not be in my bedroom) before falling asleep!!

    Thanks so much and I love the other comments, too!!

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