The One Letter Text Everybody Seems to Hate

Can you guess it?

…it’s “K.”

As in,

meet me there in 30.



I’ll bring some wine.”


Does it bother you? I didn’t even realize it was a thing that could be annoying until several friends started grumbling about its existence. “If you’re going to text ‘k’, you should just add an ‘o’ in front of it,” or, “you might as well not text anything if you’re going to text ‘k’.”

What about ‘kk‘?” I offered.

Now I’m hyper aware whenever I start to respond “K” and have started to change that to “OK,” which is apparently ten times better but I still don’t really get it. I catch myself actually saying ‘k’ out loud on a regular basis, so I why is it an irritating text to read?

What about “kay”?

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3 thoughts on “The One Letter Text Everybody Seems to Hate

  1. hahahaha this is hilarious. I didn’t know that was a thing! I’ve never really parsed it until now, but come to think of it, I feel like “OK” as a straight-up text actually sounds MORE serious than “k.” Maybe the k-haters would feel better if there was an exclamation point at the end? Or we could get real weird and start saying “roger that” instead.

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