The Importance of Ladies’ Night

Are you a lady? Do you have lady friends? When was the last time you made plans to be ladies together?

Picture this: you run into a lady friend on the street, and after you catch up, one of you says, “we should get together sometime!

I’ll text you,” you say, or, “maybe next week?

You walk away, you make a mental note, and then life happens.

I’m guilty of this, you’re guilty of this — it’s inevitable.


BUT something I’ve realized recently is that when I make just one solid plan each week and stick to it, it’s like I’m putting a coin into my mental health and wellness piggy bank. This might be a no brainer for you social butterflies (ahem), but for someone like me, it makes a huge difference. I’m reminded that my dog and I don’t actually have real conversations, and that my books can’t hug me.


So last night, I invited my friend, Shannon, over for dinner. I made this, and lit a candle, and set out flowers on the table. Ladies’ night can be like date night! Why not, right? We cracked open some beers, ate pasta, and shared weekend stories. It was perfect.

10570376_10152163213981058_5707164567129746933_n IMG_4627

That person that you’ve been meaning to make plans with? Call them. 

Thank me later : )

Top image from Wit & Delight

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