The Best Smudgy Pink Lipstick

A few years ago, I was browsing Sephora (I should say here that one should never browse Sephora if you want money in your savings or a realistic idea of what’s important) — and I stumbled on a bright pink lipstick that was so perfect that I was sure someone was going to come along and say “just kidding, that’s not actually real and you can’t have it.”


Since then, it’s become my lipstick in crime. What I love most is how buildable it is — you can wear it like a barely-there lip stain or a POW-my-lips-are-pink lipstick. It’s pink but it’s not bubblegum pink, it’s electric but it’s not neon electric. As it wears off, it leaves your lips looking healthy and flushed. I love it so much that I even showered and put it on to show you guys:

IMG_6523 IMG_6517

I have always applied lipstick by dabbing the product onto my lips and then smudging with my fingers (chapstick beforehand is key), but apparently now that’s a “thing.” Who knew!

Top image from Trendencias.  

One thought on “The Best Smudgy Pink Lipstick

  1. I LOVE this bright pink color! It’s so sweet and fun. One of my must-haves is the benefit posy cheek stain – it’s that same girly pink. Perfect for those grey winter days when you just need to brighten up 🙂

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