Old Navy is Killing it

Affordable, well-made clothes are hard to come by. Either they’re SUPER cheap, and last only a few wears, or they’re well-made, and actually not that cheap.

Recently, I ventured into my closest Old Navy, and was surprised by how cute everything looked. They’ve totally upped their game with a new head designer, while keeping their prices low. I’ve been living in these pants, this gigantic and cozy scarf, and this shirt…yeah. It may or may not be a problem. Just a small PSA for anyone on the hunt for some cute, throw-on-and-walk-out-the-door attire.

tumblr_ny54j2rP9V1rlxatvo1_500 tumblr_nyd314gzdA1rlxatvo1_500

Photos via Old Navy’s tumblr.

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