Sucker for Polka Dots.

Years and years ago, I popped into a Forever21 and found a blue polka dot dress. It was perfect: hitting right above the knee, cinched at the waist, buttons down the front…totally one of those freak finds where I spotted it right away and just knew. I wore it to death — all through college and after, with tights in the winter and with bare legs in the summer — until not long ago, when I was cleaning out my closet and decided it was time. So my hunt has begun again (I LOVE these kinds of hunts) for my next wear-forever blue polka dot number.

This one caught my eye. I like the tiny dots, simple cut, and friendly price tag (but are the long sleeves a deal breaker?)


4 thoughts on “Sucker for Polka Dots.

  1. Oh I so know what you mean about finding the “one”. I usually don’t know I’ve found the prefect dress until I’ve worn it for years, but last fall I found a dress and the second I put it on in the dressing room I knew. I was giddy buying it and I almost bought two. I still wonder if I should have 🙂 It’s just a denim dress but it fits just right. Good luck in your hunt!!

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