Spring Wish List

I dont know about you guys, but every spring I get the itch to shop, shop, shop. After a winter of wearing the same pair of jeans every day, I’m excited to upgrade my wardrobe and home with a few new pieces. (P.S. I love saying “pieces.” It makes me feel so blog-y). Below, I’ve rounded up 9 things at the top of my list…

1. H&M home is fairly hit or miss, but I LOVE this mirror, which would look great on my dresser.
2. The second it’s warm enough to grill and hang out outside, I’m making a batch of this sparkling gin tarragon lemonade.
3. The prettiest planters to liven up my home office.
4. I’m digging these clogs, which are only 50 bucks, and will very likely go on sale soon (fingers crossed!)
5. Spring scarves effortlessly pull a look together. Amirite?
6. My current water vessel is a Nalgene from 9th grade. I think it’s time for a sexy upgrade.
7. Hey, $11 ring, you’re coming home to mama.
8. A CACTUS PILLOW. That is all.
9. Next on my reading list.

Top image via From the Kitchen.

One thought on “Spring Wish List

  1. I have a bkr bottle and I absolutely love it. The fact alone of it being cute makes me drink more water. They’re quite pricy, but to me it’s worth it since using it makes me happy and healthier!

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