Something to Remind Yourself When You Fall Down a Shopping Rabbit Hole

Confession: this is mostly a reminder for myself, but I think a few of you might relate…

My budget does’t really include clothes, shoes and bags, so every time I sneak a look at Madewell, I’m basically thinking, “shootshootshoot don’t do it.” A girl’s gotta treat herself every once in awhile, but my problem (raise your hand if you’re guilty) is that I take it just a weeee too far and end up with less money to, well, buy the things I actually need — like eggs and bread and milk.

Asking myself “do I need this?” versus “do I want this” doesn’t seem to work either because OF COURSE I NEED IT. I need a leather tote from Cuyana. I need a linen sweater for cool summer nights. OH! I need little gold studs to wear everyday.

This quote from a personal finance blog (via Lifehacker) was a bit of a reality check for me, and it’s a great guideline to live by in general:

If it’s an item or an experience you won’t remember in a few days, you shouldn’t be spending any money on it. If it’s completely forgettable, then any money you spent on it is basically just lost.”

Ouch! Harsh, but helpful. If you walk out of the store (or close your computer screen), will you be thinking about that item in a week? The answer will be surprisingly clear, I’ve found. More often than not, I’ve forgotten about the thing in a few hours.

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2 thoughts on “Something to Remind Yourself When You Fall Down a Shopping Rabbit Hole

  1. LITTLE GOLD STUDS! Don’t get me started.

    My foolproof method: Think of whatever the item in question costs. If someone offered to pay you that much money to go without the item, would you take it? Sometimes I do still splurge, but that’s always a really good way to gauge my real interest in/love of something.

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