Small Realizations

So something interesting has happened recently….

Ever since we moved into our new place, I’ve noticed that my day-to-day routine had changed slightly, but I couldn’t figure out how. It just felt like something had shifted.

And that’s when I realized — we don’t have a full length mirror. It was shocking to realize: the change I had sensed was actually the absence of tiny put-downs I was telling myself daily, any time I double-checked the mirror to go out.

When we first moved in, I was eager to get a full length mirror, but I’m enjoying this so much that I think it might just be worth heading out the door with a potentially whacky outfit on. It’s been really eye opening to realize just how accustomed I was to that critical voice in my head. It was part of my routine.

It’s also crazy how much new space has opened up for other internal dialogue. I’m planning to fill it more wisely. Make any small realizations recently, about your body or otherwise? I’d love to hear. And let’s all make an effort today to be kind to ourselves and our bodies. XO



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5 thoughts on “Small Realizations

  1. Small realization that leads to a major revelation! You’re making me rethink my bedroom renovation plans…was planning to put up mirrored closet doors but maybe I’d be happier without??

  2. The same thing happened to me when I went to school, funnily enough! There were no full-length mirrors in the dorm bathroom, and I definitely became more body-positive. Pretty crazy, but very cool!

  3. I haven’t bought a full-length mirror for my new place. Also felt the change. Less time wondering if my outfit was ok. I now get dressed, a little bit of make-up and I am out!
    About the critical voice, I am reading The Myth of Beauty by Naomi Wolf, eye-opening…

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